Ordinances for the year 2017:

2017-01 Correct Overlooked Wages

2017-02 Hiring Freeze

2017-03 Appropriate into Jail Maint. for 2 Furnaces

2017-04 Transfer Grant to Alread Extension Homemakers Club Budget

2017-05 Establish Electronic Direct Deposit System

2017-06 2016 Budget Cleanup

2017-07 Appropriation for Fire Chiefs Association

2017-08 Appropriation for Veterans Services

2017-09 Appropriation of GIF Grant for Safety/Maint Dept. Heat & Air

2017-10 Appropriation for Circuit Clerk Recorder's Cost Fund

2017-11 Ammend 2016-19 "Employee Handbook" to include 2016-14 "Concealed Carry Rules"

2017-12 Appropriations for Cicuit Clerks Child Support & Commissioner Fee Funds

2017-13 Authorize a Bank Loan from First Service for Sheriff's Office Vehicle(s) Purchase

2017-14 Appropriation of Promisory Note to First Service Bank for Sheriff's Office Budget Fund

2017-15 Appropriation Circuit Clerk Budget $ to Recorder's Cost Fund

2017-16 Appropriation of 1st Service Loan to SO for Purchase of 7 Vehicles

2017-17 Appropriation of Lump Payment to SO School Resource Officer

2017-18 Appropriations for Circuit Clerks Commissioner Fee Fund and Child Support Fund

2017-19 Appropriation of JAG mini-Grant Funds for equipment purchase(s)

2017-20 Appropriation Fix Money from Recorders Fund not Circuit Clerk General

2017-21 Appropriation of Fair Grant into County Fair Association

2017-22 Arkansas Historic Preservation Program Grant for Courthouse Electrical Work

2017-23 Appropriation into Economic Development from Various Other Funds

2017-24 Clinton Resource Officer

2017-25 Ammend 2017-24 Correct Fund and Line #s for Resource Officer

2017-26 Approp Funds into Proper Depts: VFDs, Workers Comp, Floodplain, Annex Supplies

2017-27 Establish Certain Animal Control Penalties and Fees

2017-28 Appropriate $23K from Solid Waste Revenue into Tipping Fees

2017-29 Transfer $7K from Circuit Clerk back into County General

2017-30 Enact and Adopt Code of Ordinances book

2017-31 Levy and Approve Property Taxes

2017-32 Transfer from Jail Maintenence to SO General

2017-33 Appropriate Circuit Clerk COBRA Insurance Refund

2017-34 Appropriate Funds into Solid Waste

2017-35 DWI Court Training Reimbursement

2017-36 ADEM Reimbursement for Rescue Squad to Assist in Texas

2017-37 Authorize County Judge to Sell Old Road Dept. Equipment

2017-38 Lift the Hiring Freeze for the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center

2017-39 2018 Annual Operating Budget

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