Ordinances for the year 2019:

2019-01 Create a Victim/Witness Fund Line in SO & Interlocal Agreement

2019-02 Game & Fish Officer Cell Phone

2019-03 Creat Election Commission Budget in County General

2019-04 Levy Voluntary Property Tax for County Aging Program

2019-05 Appropriate Refund for School Officer Vest into SO

2019-06 Appropriate $45k and Transfer into Solid Waste

2019-07 Appropriate Building Grant to Fair Association

2019-08 Amend Employee Handbook Section 11

2019-09 Appropriate for South Side School SRO

2019-10 Budget Cleanup

2019-11 New Line Item: Girls Books Grants for Juvenile Court Budget

2019-12 SO Vehicle(s) Purchase

2019-13 SO Vehicle(s) Trade

2019-14 Quorum Court Member Compensation Amounts

2019-15 New Line Item: SO K-9 Expenses/Grants for SO

2019-16 Appropriate Lawn Care Payments into Detention Center

2019-17 Close Holly Mountain VFD and merge area into Burnt Ridge VFD

2019-18 Appropriate State Grant Money into SO

2019-19 Appropriate Funds back into Collector from Automation

2019-20 Appropriate Insurance Payment into SO

2019-21 Appropriate Sale of Jeep into Assessor

2019-22 Appropriate Funds back into Solid Waste from Rd Dept

2019-23 Appropriate Funds into Corps of Engineers

2019-24 Appropriate Funds back into Detention Center from SO

2019-25 Appropriate AHPP Grant funds for Courthouse

2019-26 Appropriate SCA-AOC Grant funds for Security Camera Updates

2019-27 Appropriate Funds for Circuit Clerk Child Support Deposit Slips

2019-28 Appropriate Lawn Care, K9,Insurance & Other Payments into SO/Jail

2019-29 Appropriate Funds into Shirley School Resource Officer

2019-30 Reduce Juror Appearance Pay

2019-31 Appropriate Donations & Mowing Funds into Detention Center

2019-32 Appropriate Funds into Circuit Clerk Recorder Fund

2019-33 Appropriate Judge's Salary Split Cleanup

2019-34 Authorize Tire Sale

2019-35 Appropriate Funds from Road Dept into County Judge Budget

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