Resolutions for the year 2006:

2006-01 Lease Purchase 2006 Mack Tractor

2006-05 Apply for ADED Grant for Hospital

2006-06 Administrative Agreement with WRPDD

2006-06 Declare Vacancy JP District 9

2006-07 Authorize Grant Application for VBC

2006-08 Authorize Grant Application for Choctaw VFD and Barrens Community

2006-09 Research/Establish County Reserve Fund

2006-11 Apply ADED Construct Child Care Facility South Side School

2006-12 Architectural Agreement Crafton Tull

2006-14 Appointment Jim Burnett to Hospital Board

2006-15 Lease/Purchase Equipment

2006-16 Appointments to Library Board

2006-17 Deputy Prosecutor Residency Request

2006 may have been improperly numbered, but are here as originally done. Those missing may not exist.

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