Resolutions for the year 2012:

2012-01 Community Development Disaster Project Grant Application

2012-02 Linn Creek Road Administrative Agreement with White River Development

2012-03 Library Board Vacancy Filled

2012-04 Declare Vacancy Justice of Peace District 4

2012-05 Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Dump Truck Authorization

2012-06 George Bruen Appreciation for Service

2012-07 Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Excavator Authorization

2012-08 911 Dispatchers and Death Scene Investigators Training

2012-09 Emergency Medical Ambulance Committee

2012-10 Opposition to Natural Gas Severance Tax of 2012

2012-11 Hospital Board Negotiate Purchase Volex Building

2012-12 Ozark Health Lease Agreement Authorization

2012-13 Equalization Board Appointments

2012-14 Transfer Station Financial Assurance Letter of Credit

2012-15 Equalization Board Vacancy Filled

2012-16 Interlocal ALS Ambulance Service Agreement

2012-17 Linn Creek Road Construction Contract Authorization

2012-18 Vacancy Bradley Township Constable

2012-19 Lease/Purchase Agreement 2013 Mack Tractor

2012-20 Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement Dump Trucks Authorization

2012-21 Declare Vacancy County Clerk

2012-22 Appoint County Clerk until 1 Jan 2015

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