Ordinances for the year 2018:

2018-01 County Positions & Wages/Salaries

2018-02 Transfer 911 Funds placed in County General into 911 Budget

2018-03 Appropriate SWN and Diamond Pipelines Grants into SO Budget

2018-04 Transfer Accidentally Omitted Funds into Veteran's Service Office

2018-05 Appropriate Approved Deputy Salary Funds into SO Budget

2018-06 Establish Account Line and Select Attorney Eddie Morgan for County in SWN Suit

2018-07 Appropriate $20k into SWN Suit Civil Attorney Line

2018-08 Appropriate Funds for Traffic Lights

2018-09 Appropriate $9k into Economic Develpoment Budget

2018-10 Appropriate $40k into SWN Suit Civil Attorney Line

2018-11 Increase Hourly Wage for Corps of Engineers Deputy

2018-12 Establish $250K Promisory Note with 1st Security Bank for 7 New Vehicles

2018-13 Appropriate $1800 into Safety/Bldg Mgmnt for New SO/Jail Lawn Mower

2018-14 Employee Handbook Update Sections: Drug/Alchohol-Free & Catastrophic Leave

2018-15 Sale of SO Vehicle to Bauxite PD

2018-16 Appropriate $1K Grant for Treadmill into Annex Budget

2018-17 Approve 911 System Upgrade Promissory Note to 1st Service Bank

2018-18 Appropriate Maintenance Cost into District Court Automation Fund

2018-19 Appropriate Grant Money into Health Department Budget

2018-20 Appropriate $100 in VA Budget Office Supplies

2018-21 Appropriate Grant Money into Juvenile Court Budget

2018-22 Appropriate Grant Money into VBC Nursing School Program Budget

2018-23 Appropriate Sale Money of 2012 Charger to Bauxite PD into SO Budget

2018-24 Appropriate Grant Money into Health Department Budget

2018-25 Appropriate Grant Money into Courthouse Budget

2018-26 Appropriate Grant & Loan Money into 911 Equipt Upgrade Purchase Fund

2018-27 Appropriate Funds into 911 Budget to Pay Bank Note for this Year

2018-28 Transfer back into 911 Emergency Fund

2018-29 Appropriate Additional into VBC Nursing Program Fund

2018-30 Authorize Road Crew John Deere Purchases & Agreement through 1st Service

2018-31 Appropriation into Collector's Automation Fun

2018-32 Appropriation of SWN Contribution into SO

2018-33 Appropriation into 911 for 1st Service Account

2018-34 Appropriation into Circuit Court Phone/Fax Line

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