Resolutions for the year 2013:

2013-01 Economic Development Commission Grant Application Authorization

2013-02 Administrative Agreement with White River Authorization

2013-03 Library Board Fill Vacancy

2013-04 Holley Mountain Constable Vacancy

2013-05 Mutal Aid Understanding Surrounding Counties Authorization

2013-06 Declaration Volunteer Weekend

2013-07 Federal Aid Project Traffic Signal

2013-08 Recognize Co Sheriff Achievement

2013-09 Contract with Global Foods Authorization

2013-10 Ozark Health Lease Agreement Authorization

2013-11 Equalization Board Appointment Confirmation

2013-12 Global Foods enter Tax Back Program Authorization

2013-13 Collateral Assignment of Lease Authorization

2013-14 Sale of Mathis Building

2013-15 Chuck Wagon Races Appreciation

2013-16 FFB Conference Center Appreciation

2013-17 Jim Miller Redneck Games Appreciation

2013-18 Opposition School Tax Redistribution Legislation

2013-19 Highways 330 & 336 County Acceptance of Portions

2013-20 Alread Community Grant Application Authorization

2013-21 Detention Center Medical Facility Approved

2013-22 Emergency Operation Plan Update Approval

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