Resolutions for the year 2015:

2015-01 Library Board Vacancy/Appointment

2015-02 Repeal Hiring Freeze orig Res 2014-02

2015-03 UALR Analysis Potential Sales Tax Reallocation

2015-04 Lease/Purchase 3 Dump Trucks

2015-05 Equalization Board Appointments

2015-06 Quorum Court JP District 9 Vacancy

2015-07  FFB/VBC Chip & Seal Agreement

2015-08 County Fair Grant Application $15,000

2015-09 County Fair Grant Application $4,000

2015-10 Declare Animal Control Board Vacancy

2015-11 Form a Personnel Policy Committee

2015-12 Authorize Appropriation of "Old" Library Sale for New Library Funds

2015-13 Authorize Application for Sheriff's Office GIF Grant

2015-14 Authorize County Judge to apply for a grant on behalf of Culpepper Fire Departments

2015-15 Authorize Line of Credit for Van Buren County Solid Waste Transfer Station

2015-16 Authorize County Judge to apply for a granton behalf of Chotaw Fire Department

2015-17 Declare Library Board Vacancy and Fill Same

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